Hair Stylists

Name:  Ira
Position:  Hair Stylist/Salon Manager
Hometown:  Helsinki, Finland
Training:  20+ Years of training
Special Certifications:  Bumble and Bumble Network Educator
Service Philosophy:  To give superb customer service and consistently fabulous hair

Name:  Gail
Position:  Hair Stylist
Hometown:  Chicago, IL
Training:  Bumble & Bumble University, Framesi Italian Design Team
Special Certifications:  Pivot Point

Name:  Megan
Position:  Hair Stylist
Hometown:  Fayetteville, NC
Special Certifications:
Service Philosophy:

Name:  Samantha
Position:  Hair Stylist
Hometown:  Eastover, NC
Training:  Central Carolina Community College
Special Certifications: Brazilian Blowout, Hair Extensions
Service Philosophy:  It is my pleasure to make my clients feel good about themselves, starting with a new hairdo. When you look good, you feel good!